Saturday, April 02, 2011

Team Jolly at Cafe De Paris

Dinner tables in front of the stage.
Really impressive magic tricks!
Hilarious host.  He actually knew all about Arkham Asylum and ended up hanging out with us later in the night.

Check'n out our private lounge area...
3/5 ladies from our team of 95 at Rocksteady!

Late night crowd.  They even had some fire breathing acts later in the night.
Cafe De Paris
This is a great place to check out if your looking for a tasteful cabaret show, we ate our dinners while they did quite a wide variety of performances.  They were really entertaining and apparently they change it up for every Friday's show so I'll have to take Suz someday!   A good 10-20 of us Rocksteady crew were still dancing around when they kicked us out at 3:30 or so, clearly a successful Team Jolly! 


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