Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our new home!

Well we're finally settling into our new flat, just got the Internet hooked up again last Friday and were pretty much finished moving everything over now from our old flat via bus.  (we have until the 19th)   With our newly acquired bikes from our returned Canadian friends from King's Lynn I can ride to Blackhorse station in about 9 min.   The perks with the new place is the back yard, quiet streets and peaceful marsh trails just behind us.  Because it's a bit of a trip to the nearest station we managed to get it for roughly the same cost as our old place.  You'll notice in the first couple pictures all the wild blackberries,  there's so many growing everywhere on the trails that there's more than enough to eat even with people out picking them regularly.   Hopefully we can get a few more weeks of summer weather and get some more BBQ'ing in!

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