Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Exploring the South West of England

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We were running out of time for our March blog entry so Suz and I rented a car and made a weekend of driving around the south west of England.  Surprisingly I've never gone this way before even though it's so close to London!
We started off heading to Chatham for nostalgic reasons to see how it compares to the city we grew up near back in Ontario.  Well it turns out it's right next to Rochester which has an fantastic cathedral and castle along the water so we ended up there for our first stop.  Working our way along the shore we stayed over night in Dover and eventually ended in Brighton to watch the sunset on Sunday evening.  The weekend was much better than we expected for March and we really lucked out as it was the first good weekend of the year.  We found quite a few tourists also out but generally traffic and finding parking was never an issue which when driving in England is never easy.
Nothing like some nice sunshine to renew your spirits! :)

Canterbury Cathedral choir practice

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