Saturday, June 23, 2012

In Copenhagen to see Canadian friends!

Susan and I got our chance to go out and see some of our old Silicon Knights colleagues who are working at IO in Copenhagen.  They all moved within this year and Bryan and Heidi have only been there for 2 weeks so it was a great chance for all of us to go around and do some touristy things together!  Pete let us stay at his place over the weekend and helped us get accustomed to the Danish ways of life living in Copenhagen.  It was great to see old friends again and very strange to see them living in such a different environment.  Susan and I left with a good impression of Denmark even though it's an expensive country to live in and the weather was a tad colder than London. (Believe it or not!)   Copenhagen is a very clean and safe city however with great transportation and friendly happy citizens.   
Hopefully sometime soon our new European neighbours come visit us in London so we can return the favour and show them around here. :)

Here's some footage of some of the football madness we got to see because of the Euro game happening on Sunday.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Surrey County Fair

So an opportunity came up for Suz and I to see the Surrey County Fair which is a big agricultural event all happening in one day.  Susan knows a co-worker who lives in Farncombe (right next to Guildford) who offered to go and see it together.
We got up early to and took the train out so we could see the equestrian events in the morning and spent the afternoon wandering around looking at the different exhibits.  There were some unusual things like crossbow and slingshot shooting or tractor driving and backhoe obstacle course events.  They also had large tents and fenced area's for all the judging of many different types of animals showing off their many different breeds.   I think the most interesting was the Chickens as it had so many more variations than I could have imagined all being contested for the best in their breed.
As the day came to an end we headed back to our friends place to have some dinner and drinks before heading home.  Unexpectedly as we waited for the train we managed to get a great view of some Jubilee fireworks being set off in Guildford. :)

Here is a series of short clips from the trip.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Jubilee weekend!

Here we are at Tower Bridge where we got to see the sc-Queen.
Navigating our way around London Bridge Station
This is the best view we could find of the river...
So we headed to the Pub. :)
So we made an attempt to be part of the festivities of the Jubilee this weekend regardless of the classic British weather forecast.   We started off by heading towards Tower Bridge knowing that our chances of actually getting to see the river was pretty slim.  So we watched for the first couple hours from one of the big screens at Tower Bridge and then wandered through the crowds for a while.  Susan used to work in the area so she recommended heading towards a pub she knew on a quiet corner.  Basically within minutes of us finding the pub the rain really started to come down.   Luckily we had a nice comfortable seat in the back of the pub to have a Sunday roast dinner and a few pints as we watched the rest of the river parade on the screen.  After 6pm the rain managed to subside and we headed home, easy as that...  :)

Bonus pic! ;)

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