Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Surrey County Fair

So an opportunity came up for Suz and I to see the Surrey County Fair which is a big agricultural event all happening in one day.  Susan knows a co-worker who lives in Farncombe (right next to Guildford) who offered to go and see it together.
We got up early to and took the train out so we could see the equestrian events in the morning and spent the afternoon wandering around looking at the different exhibits.  There were some unusual things like crossbow and slingshot shooting or tractor driving and backhoe obstacle course events.  They also had large tents and fenced area's for all the judging of many different types of animals showing off their many different breeds.   I think the most interesting was the Chickens as it had so many more variations than I could have imagined all being contested for the best in their breed.
As the day came to an end we headed back to our friends place to have some dinner and drinks before heading home.  Unexpectedly as we waited for the train we managed to get a great view of some Jubilee fireworks being set off in Guildford. :)

Here is a series of short clips from the trip.


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