Sunday, June 03, 2012

Jubilee weekend!

Here we are at Tower Bridge where we got to see the sc-Queen.
Navigating our way around London Bridge Station
This is the best view we could find of the river...
So we headed to the Pub. :)
So we made an attempt to be part of the festivities of the Jubilee this weekend regardless of the classic British weather forecast.   We started off by heading towards Tower Bridge knowing that our chances of actually getting to see the river was pretty slim.  So we watched for the first couple hours from one of the big screens at Tower Bridge and then wandered through the crowds for a while.  Susan used to work in the area so she recommended heading towards a pub she knew on a quiet corner.  Basically within minutes of us finding the pub the rain really started to come down.   Luckily we had a nice comfortable seat in the back of the pub to have a Sunday roast dinner and a few pints as we watched the rest of the river parade on the screen.  After 6pm the rain managed to subside and we headed home, easy as that...  :)

Bonus pic! ;)


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