Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Sunday adventure in London

So its been more than a couple weeks now that we've intended to go out and see "How to train your dragon" in 3D at the Imax.  Our plans always seems to be flawed with poor planning and time management issues which leads to us abandoning the show for another day.  So Sunday we managed to get it together and make our way out so we would arrive early, where we then found out that we managed to travel to the wrong Imax!  Luckily we're finding that it's hard to be in London with nothing to do, so we decided to finally cross the Millennium bridge and wander down some streets we've never seen before.   Afterwards we headed over to the London canal where Suz knew of a light show exhibit happening. It turns out the light show is a lot more impressive when seen at night... but we ended up just walking down the canal until we made it to Camden Lock at Camden Town.   Nice weather with a peaceful walk turned our movie mishap into an enjoyable evening after all!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's finally happened!

After plenty of paperwork and documents with an interview in Chelmsford in the end I finally managed to get my British passport!  It clearly states that I'm a British citizen which is quite strange to comprehend.   With my Canadian passport expired as of last February I was landlocked and feeling confined.   However a nice thing about the British passports is that it lasts for 10 years so I'm free to be British till 2020!  

Special thanks goes to my grandparents for waiting for my Dad to be born in England before moving to Canada!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Battersea Power Station and Park

Sunday ended up being a wonderfully warm day where you didn't have to wear your coat which I believe is the first for the year!  Suz has been telling me about this iconic power plant building that's connected to a Pink Floyd album cover. It's actually quite a nice area with a giant park right next this building but I have to say it does seem to stick out a little as we walked past it.   Anyway we managed to brave the blinding volcanic ash clouds and enjoyed a plane free afternoon!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Our first British bus tour!

Yaay we finally made it out of London and got to see some English countryside!  The bus tour we took stopped at Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford.   For a 9-10 hour trip we managed to see quite a bit however we dident even stop long enough for me to get through either of the audio tours at Windsor or Stonehenge but they were free so I can't really complain.  I'd still like to go back to the Windsor castle to absorb some more of the history behind the rooms inside and we only got to see a small section of Oxford.   To be honest I don't think I fully appreicated Stonehenge either with all the hundreds of people there on the easter Monday.  I hear other less popular stone sites are around the area which would seem to be a better experience.  Hopefully you dont have to be hurded around a ring of people, I was jealous of how much more freedom the sheep had!

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