Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Our first British bus tour!

Yaay we finally made it out of London and got to see some English countryside!  The bus tour we took stopped at Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford.   For a 9-10 hour trip we managed to see quite a bit however we dident even stop long enough for me to get through either of the audio tours at Windsor or Stonehenge but they were free so I can't really complain.  I'd still like to go back to the Windsor castle to absorb some more of the history behind the rooms inside and we only got to see a small section of Oxford.   To be honest I don't think I fully appreicated Stonehenge either with all the hundreds of people there on the easter Monday.  I hear other less popular stone sites are around the area which would seem to be a better experience.  Hopefully you dont have to be hurded around a ring of people, I was jealous of how much more freedom the sheep had!


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