Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spanish Road Trip!

This time we went somewhere warm!  It's been almost 3 years now since we've experienced temperatures anywhere above the low 30's and this summer England has seen more cold and rain then it's fair share.   We were a little nervous with this trip as we were driving in a non English speaking country through cities that were built well before cars were invented.  It turns out Spain is fantastic! It's also quite easy to drive in assuming you have your handy GPS close by.   Usually after a week of travelling Suz and I start getting tired and begin looking forward to going back home where day to day life is simpler but this time we didn't want leave!  The people in Spain are friendly and welcoming even if most of them don't speak English.  We also felt safe on the streets even at night since families are still out eating dinner and playing on the streets until well after 11 pm.  It's hard to find any faults with Spain, everything is inexpensive clean and well kept and there are plenty of things to see and do within close distances.  Hopefully Spain can find a solution to there looming economic problems which are leaking out into the streets and they manage to maintain their reputation of being a great country to experience! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Soundgarden at Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park

To nobody's surprise it was raining cold and muddy but when it's all about the music and being with friends it makes no difference in the end.    :)

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Normandy on Canada Day weekend!

For four days we set off to the north of France via a British car rental.   Through sheer coincidence we arrived onto Juno Beach on Canada Day which unknown to us has an privately funded museum dedicated to Canada's contribution and history during World War II.   We were chatting with Canadian's working at the museum and getting a tour of the grounds so we could understand what went down on June 6th 1944,  the whole experience gave my goosebumps a good workout.    Afterwards we headed to Omaha beach to see the famous American memorial grounds with the fields of white crosses along the beaches in Normandy, all of the beach fronts are strikingly beautiful.  Afterwards we travelled west to Saint Mont Michel to see the famous monastery built on an island.  Northern France is noticeably calmer and less populated than England, the roads are wider and they invest a lot of money into planting flowers and general maintenance of the road system.  The whole driving on the right side on the right side of the road was easy to get used to as well, the only time I needed help is when we were trying to overtake vehicles on two lane roads which thankfully only happened a couple times. However going back to England had it's problems as I managed to pull out of a restaurant on the right side of the road and didn't realize the problem for a good 30 seconds when an oncoming car started flashing his headlights erratically.  Luckily that didn't go badly but I'm sure the other driver was pretty furious. :P

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