Monday, August 13, 2012

London Olympics 2012

Women's Cycling in Richmond Park on their final stretch around.
Trailing cycler's followed by one of the many rider's support cars. 
After the race we headed out to check out Richmond park which we've never seen before. (It has wild deer!)
Later in the week Ace and Dionne trek out with us to our Olympic event at the Lee Valley Park.  (They were hoping to get tickets somehow but it wasn't happening so they continued off to see Cambridge instead)
We brought our Canadian flag but there were no Canadians who made it to the finals . :(
Womens Kayaking finals were also taking place with the men's Canoe Slalom.
England surprised everyone and won Gold and Silver which made crowds go crazy! (our hands and throats were very sore by the end :D)
On Sunday we went to watch the Women's marathon. (Again no Canadians to cheer for :( )
Here's the camera truck that drives just ahead of the leaders.
Leader pack passing through on their last lap!
Then we headed up the fire of London tower to see some city landscapes
Getting photos with the mascot by the fire tower.
We wandered over to Tower bridge and watched Andy Murray win his Gold with the crowd!
Later in the day we headed to Hyde Park to watch the Athletic events (including the 100m sprint) in  the same Venue we watched Sound Garden! (Woodchips included)
Yaay we had some Canadians to cheer finally! (It happened at least once I swear...)
Here's a video of the Canoe Slalom where England made the fastest time around the course to win Gold! (They were first up so nobody knew yet they were going to win gold)
So the Olympics are over and I thought I'd share some of the photos we took.  As a last minute surprise Ace and Dionne came out with us for a few days as they stopped by from a trip around various Scandinavia countries.   We attended a handful of free events and made it to our only ticketed event at the White Water park in Lee Valley. Our canoe slalom turned out to be a lot more fun then we expected as Britain won Gold and Silver and the fans went crazy as nobody really expected any medals from them. :)
 The expectations of the city being overcrowded ended up being not a problem at all, apparently if you were in line with an event it was busy however my commute everyday seemed almost quieter then usual.  However we experienced a lot of frustration trying to land some last minute tickets for Ace and Dionne.  We wasted hours going through the site trying to get something from the long lists of "available" tickets.  In the end we managed to secure two women's football tickets for them but it was all the way in Cardiff.  (not a bad deal for them since it's a new city to explore)
All in all it's been fun watching the events unravel in London and we still have the paralympics coming!  This time my parents will be down and we have tickets so we can actually see these venues that are just down the road from us!

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