Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Party time, Christmas style...

Rocksteady decided to have it's Christmas Party on the Thames this year!  Not that this is a new idea as the river is full of other party boats but it's a great river to travel on even at night with plenty of things lit up.
After the BBQ dinner on the top deck the crew put together gambling tables on the boat and gave each of us 150 worth of chips to play with.  I'm not a big fan of gambling even when its with fake money, however ironically it was my lack of motivation that managed to place me in 3rd at the end of the night.  (Suz and I now have a free vineyard tour in East Essax!)  Of course my strategy was to collect my chips just before the last hand was dealt at the black jack table.  This just happened to double up my chips before the counting for who made it into the final 9 which I was a part of.  Then in an extremely boring fashion I played super conservative right to the final hand and ended up placing 3rd!   I suppose the moral of the story is the odds of  winning money at gambling tables is a losing battle... but then I think we already knew that.     It did make for an enjoyable way for everyone to pass the time on the boat I've heard people say it was one of the best Christmas parties Rocksteady has had!

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