Monday, April 18, 2011

London Marathon

Nearing the final bend at Buckingham Palace.
The crowds are carefully manoeuvred around the races.
Strategically blocking views to avoid clogging of vital pathways.
Oh yeah it's spring time!
Final stretch before the finish line!
Exhausted runners wander through a series of check points after the race.
Here they distribute the medals
The medals...
Runners belongings all numbered are transported from the starting line in a series of trucks.
Then they join up with the crowd near the Horse Guards building.
We decided to go out and see this 26.2 mile marathon that happens in down town London every year. The weather was great and you can't waste these precious few days of sun!   London Marathon is a cancer charity with 35,000 runners this year, you get a range of top athletes from around the world to some of the most unexpected.   There's plenty out there trying to break new world records like running backwards or dressing like a super heros. 

It's unusual but fun and I've never seen a marathon before so it was interesting to check out.


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