Saturday, April 16, 2011

In Cambridge visiting distant relatives

I received this photo via Royal mail this morning! (Apr 30th)
From Left: Trevor, Janet and Susan 
Back in September when Susan and I were in Canada we received from my Grandmother some interesting contact info.  Apparently she still sends Christmas cards to family here in England and with that she also had their email address.   A couple months after we returned to England we sent out an email to these new relatives Trevor and Janet to try and satisfy our curiosity since they live only a short train ride away from us.   Eventually after a few messages back and forth they kindly invited us down to Cambridge to visit them and get a brief tour of the city.   So last weekend Suz and I spent a wonderful afternoon wandering around Cambridge catching up with all missing gaps between our lives.   Later they took us over to their quiet little home on the outskirts of town for some tea and cakes.   They showed us the collection of pictures they are holding of the different relatives in our family tree while trying to explain how it all pieces together.   It turns out Trevor is my Grandmother's cousin which means his Grandparents are my Great Great Grandparents! 
Combined with the fantastic weather it ended up being an unforgettable Sunday. I really hope we'll get another chance to meet up with Trevor and Janet, its great to know there's such welcoming family near by. :)
Bottom Right: Taken just before the family set off to Canada by Boat. (This picture was also in the local paper)
Bottom Left: Christmas Card mailed out to Trevor and Janet  (Only 3 Pictures could be found)
Top Left: Camping trip to New York State


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