Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sucker Punch Premiere!

Crowds in front of the theatre at Leicester Square
Our group heading down the red carpet
Side stage where they were interviewing the actresses

Free popcorn!!
Zack Snyder introducing some of the cast before the film.

After party!!
With burlesque dancers!!

And a photo booth!!...?


Since Rocksteady is affiliated with Warner we had 10 seats to the UK premier of Sucker Punch which I managed to be lucky enough to be picked for!   I'm still pretty innocent to city life so being part of Hollywood glamour was pretty thrilling for me. :)    The actual film itself was pretty mediocre but really it was all about walking down the red carpet and getting to be part of an exclusive group.   I had a lot of fun and bizarrely the after party is in the same venue as our Team Jolly tomorrow.. so expect some more pictures soon!   


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