Saturday, March 26, 2011

Protests in London!

Britain's government shows it's new budget which includes significant corporate tax cuts combined with VAT tax increases and literally 100's of thousands of jobs from the public sector being removed to patch up the mistakes the banks made.   I felt it was important to represent at the very least in the anti cuts protest through down town London today.   As I write it's still going on with estimates ranging up to half a million on the streets.  Although the government has not really shown any signs they are changing their intentions this is intended as the beginning to long term plans to protest the current government in power.  It was empowering to be part of the rally but you can really sense the overall frustration with such a wide variety of the working force being influenced.   It's hard to say how this may resolve but dedicating my Saturday to the cause was finally something that we can do to help future of Britain.


Riot police in rows pushing protesters out of the area.

Protesters sitting on the street with the media watching...
Many riot police inside Trafalgar Square with choppers monitoring the area.

So Suz and I went back downtown to see how the night was progressing and ended up becoming part of the scene as police began flushing out Trafalgar Square.  It got pretty intense a couple times and we managed to find ourselves getting pinned in by riot police from both sides.  (However they were just flushing us out from the area through a side street)
Nothing too dangerous happened aside from the odd bottle being tossed near us but it was pretty exciting to witness people chanting and helicopters buzzing all around with large numbers of riot police rushing around in formation.


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