Saturday, October 22, 2011

Batman AC: Wrap Party!

All because of this thing...
8:30am and we're loading into a Coach to go off to some unknown location.
Three hour drive later we arrive at our first event; Go-karting! - Suited up and briefed on the rules of the road.
After a few practice laps our 11 teams of 7-8 begin our 250 + lap race.
And it was a pretty awesome track for my standards. :D
Our team was "The Penguin".  Right at the end of the race they put me in for a second round of laps and we got the fastest lap of the day!(We also moved from last to 8th!) * btw the track record was 24.10 :p*
After a stopoff at our hotel to got cleaned and changed we set off to "The Dark Knight Rises Wayne Manor" also known as Wollaton Hall.
We were accompanied by some violinists throughout the evening!
Our area backed out into this garden
We had our dinner in this hall which we're hoping we'll recognize in the upcoming batman film.
There were many museums which looked eerily similar to penguins museum in our game.

We were allowed to see some of taxidermy wildlife.  Apparently there is much more in storage being preserved for future generations.

Lots of exotic wildlife like this tiger and even a full grown Giraffe!

Then we had to head back to our hotel but not before spending a few minutes playing with the bat symbol!
And of course as all excellent team jolly's end there was much dancing, drinking and ... human pyramids to be seen.


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