Sunday, October 09, 2011

South West England Trip

We had to do something worthwhile during England's record breaking heatwave that passed through.
Our trip was originally only supposed to be 2 days but as we were heading out we quickly realized we should really make the most of it and pushed our rental to 4.   The roads were pretty busy as everyone else had the same idea as us but I honestly don't think we could have had a more enjoyable time seeing this surprisingly beautiful part of England.
Susan had been planning on coming out to these parts since we moved here as she has ancestral roots within Exmoor Park.  On our last day we managed to get a hold of the gentleman who takes care of Tolland church. This is the church which the original Wolcott family would have used and still has tomb sites on the church yard from the 1600's!   We received a lot of interesting information about the area and were even given instructions on how to walk to the original manor where Wolcott's lived. You can read more about Henry Wolcott and the history here.

One of the many miniature steam trains driving around Exbury park.
Quick tour of the church in Tolland Somerset.


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