Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rome in 3 days...

Relaxing on the farm in the warm sunshine. :)
Cheeeeewwwyy!! (on guard)

After our quick but quite successful trip back to Canada to visit friends, family and Chewy we returned back to England with Monica. (Susan's sister)   A few days in London for Monica to do some sightseeing before jumping on a plane to Rome!

The trip went really well with a slight hiccup when Monica lost her camera likely due to pick-pocketing while crammed into a city bus.  Public transportation is remarkably unreliable in Rome but choosing to drive is nightmare on it's own.  (It makes driving in London look casual)   Walking is what we mostly did anyway and really that's pretty much all you need to see all the major sights in Rome.  It is a really interesting city to explore with so much history that we were only able to skim the surface in our 3 full days.  
Watching the traffic in front of the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II

Climbing the Saint Peter's Basilica. Notice how curved the walls are as we approach the top of the dome!


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