Sunday, July 03, 2011

Wireless Festival - Aphex Twin and Chemical Brothers

After many failed attempts at trying to attend some of the various outdoor music festivals that happen all around England Susan decided why not just attend one right in London.  So we picked the Wireless Festival on a Saturday with Aphex Twin and Chemical Brothers headlining the evening.  It all happened in Hyde Park which appeared to be set up to handle this kind of scale concerts quite often through out the summer.   We lucked out on some nice weather and enjoyed the atmosphere.  It's the first time we've been to an Electronic type concert which was an interesting experience but also slightly disappointing.  Without having songs you can sing along to it really is just a rave outdoors without the intense atmosphere.   However both of the show's had pretty interesting visuals to watch as they explore different ways to immerse the crowds into the experience.  In the end Suz and I were pretty disappointed since each ticket cost £50 and the music ended up being pretty conservative mainstream techno rather than some of their more experimental work which I usually find more interesting.


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