Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Imperial War Museum London

British Red Cross Jeep- I love these things!
Nazi auto pilot jet bombers that struck England.  Distance before diving down was calculated by the rotations of  a mini propeller at the nose.
Susan in front of an interesting bomber used in WW2.
It had two floors with a little desk for radio and mapping coordinates. So neat!

I read in the paper on Friday that apparently our summer is pretty much finished here in England which is very disappointing, we are expecting roughly 40 days of cold and wet.  So Saturday we decided to make the best of it and check off another museum we've been meaning to see here in London.  For it being another free museum there was too much for us to see in our 4-5 hour stay!    Tanks and airplanes from various wars between 1880's to the Gulf War including miniature models of battlefields, war videos and mountains of various weapons and tools. There is a lot of amazing, interesting and depressing things to learn about at this museum and there are 5 more different war museums still to see!


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