Monday, October 04, 2010

Yaay PS3!!


So we finally went out and bought a PS3 that came with the new move controller and Fifa 11.   I’ve disappeared for past couple weeks now catching up on all the games I’ve missed since we had to abandon our 360 moving to England.  The new Move controller for the most part is excellent.  It really opens up the doors for new interactive game ideas that bring more to the table than even what the wii-mote can do.  It should be interesting to see what comes out for it and what the public thinks of it.  However I did have a bad experience with Heavy Rain, in fact it tops the list for the most frustrating gaming experiences I’ve ever had.   To be honest I can’t really tell yet if it’s the new move controls or the game in general that’s frustrating.    I believe the problem is the unpredictable results that come from using wand movements to be interpreted for button actions.    I did manage to finish the game terribly and like any “choose your own adventure” you get dragged through the mud to the end in the worst possible scenario.  It’s hard to describe how frustrated and humiliated you get for being an incompetent player trying to do basic tasks like swinging your arm.    As much as I resent the game right now I’m planning on returning to it to see if I fair better with maybe the old school controller.  Heavy Rain is an interesting concept and has its moments that were quite fun but it still needs some rework when communicating with the player so it can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience every time you play.


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