Saturday, October 23, 2010



     We finally got it together and set off for a weekend in Paris!   I took the Friday off which was Suz's birthday and we set off for a 3 day trek.  It really is quite easy to get yourself into the core of Paris from London, only a couple hours and suddenly you find yourself in a city where you can't understand what anyone is saying.  Overall Paris is a great city with clean wide lush streets that are generally not over crowded.  In fact compared to London it's a nice escape, that is until you enter Paris's metro system where it's simply a lost cause that appears to be abandoned by the city...   
    Even though the days were cold it never rained and we managed to see all the places that we had planned.  Strangely Paris doesn't seem to have as many things to do as London and aside from actually going into the Louvre we're pretty satisfied with experiencing Paris.   There's still plenty of France to explore however so I'm sure we'll be passing through Paris again someday soon. 


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