Saturday, September 04, 2010

My first proper Team Jolly!

   It really couldn't have gone any better, everything went just as planned and we somehow managed to get fantastic weather.   We came via coach bus on Friday morning, had a lunch buffet and played 7 events throughout the afternoon.  Our company got split up into 6 different teams each at one of 6 different events where we cycled after 30-45 min and they kept track of each teams score.   In the end, much to our teams surprise we managed to get first and got to enjoy a classic champagne celebration!  Afterwards we went back to our rooms to shower and change before dinner and a looong evening at the open bar.  The next morning with everyone properly hung over we crawled back into the coach and headed back home.  You'll notice it was a double decker coach which I've never been in before and eventually was very thankful to be getting out of as it ended up being known as the vomit bus. haha 

It was great fun, memories I'll never forget. :)


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