Monday, July 12, 2010

Jon & Kim Weekend

Friends from back home stopped by to see the sights of London before heading on north to Scotland.  It happened to be the hottest weekend that we'll likely see all year which was pushing temperatures of 31 degrees!...(we actually had to wear shorts!)  So Suz and I were able to go do some more touristy things like see Kensington Gardens and do the tour of the Tower Bridge.(and engine room)   On Sunday we all went out to Leicester Square to enjoy the atmosphere on World Cup night.   You can see in the last picture anyone who could find an angle where you could watch the game would hang around on the streets.  You would see strange patterns of people clustered around store fronts and pubs.    We did go and see a comedy show later in the evening while the game was still going which turned out to be the most personal show I ever hope to attend. We were the only ones who showed up which meant that of the 4 of us there were 3 comedians. It started out with just a stand up performance which alone was pretty strange as he had to morph his skit from English jokes to things that we would actually laugh at.   Then in the second part all three came out and we did interactive skits where ad-libing was the focus.   For a private comedy show it is stressful at first where obviously your the only ones they keep picking on but I have to admit there was no shortage of laughter.


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