Monday, May 03, 2010

Off to see Kings Lynn

News to me, England has two public holidays in May!  So Suz and I had to scramble to figure out what were going to do with our extra Monday off.   Luckily this gave us an opportunity to go and visit an old college classmate who also happens to be living in England.  At the time she also has a friend from Windsor Ontario who is down visiting for a few weeks.  We've been meaning to go out and see the old port town for a while now where she's living and teaching media classes.   It's about a two hour train ride from London which aside from the (£30 each) expense it's quite easy to do.  Unfortunately it was a rather cold day with bits of showers throughout however we managed to get in a pretty good tour of the town.  Afterwards we headed back to her flat for some fantastic burgers and played a couple excellent card games. :)
  Another enjoyable weekend!


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