Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's the back of my head on BBC! And its there for a whole second!

Well to be honest the news had nothing to do with the face capture session I was in.  We just happened to be in the mocap room when the BBC came in to take some footage of rocksteady and how Batman was nominated in the BAFTA Game awards last night.   It all happened pretty franticly and we had to make sure to only show BM1 stuff but I dident really have anything prepared.   So whats really happening in that shot is we're just playing a movie on the screen for Tom (Face Actor) to lip sync to.   The funny thing was after we did a couple takes of this the BBC guy said "I was hoping for him to be doing some action or something"  not realizing the whole point of face capturing is to capture the face...   Anyway I posted the link from the BBC news report that I've captured to see what it was all about.
Congrats on BM1 getting best game at the BAFTA's!


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